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Grand Junction // Colorado

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Just started riding in Oct 2017.

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GJmtb   3 weeks ago
replied to Winter riding layering questions
I usually ride till about 35-37 degrees. I wear shorts, long sleeve shirt (plaid/flannel), a wind shirt, gloves.
GJmtb   on Nov 4, 2019
replied to 2.35 or 2.6" tyres?
Glad you like them, happy riding.
GJmtb   on Oct 26, 2019
replied to Who else is watching Rampage right now?
Watched the first run, went for a ride, when I got back, nothing basically changed after the 2nd run. Awesome event!
GJmtb   on Oct 25, 2019
replied to Rampage Weekend!!!
Looking forward to it.
You could also post something here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/cyclingwesterncoloradotrailconditions/?ref=bookmarks
GJmtb   on Oct 23, 2019
replied to Winter MTB Vacay
Hard to say, I rode up till Christmas the last 2 years in GJ.
GJmtb   on Oct 23, 2019
replied to Winter MTB Vacay
Moab, Western Slope (CO) are some nice spots to checkout.
GJmtb   on Oct 22, 2019
replied to winter trail riding
I'm usually good till about 37 degrees in shorts.
GJmtb   on Oct 17, 2019
replied to 2.35 or 2.6" tyres?
Have not tried any of those, but right now I'm running 2.6 both Butcher Grid/Purgatory Grid. Was running stock before, these make a pretty huge difference to me.
GJmtb   on Oct 17, 2019
replied to 2.35 or 2.6" tyres?
Seems to be the trend now, wider up front, I'm thinking going 2.5 front/2.4 rear Maxxis DHF/DHR II Minion 3c/exo.
GJmtb   on Oct 13, 2019
replied to Winter Mountain Biking- Utah & CO
Koko area could be rideable, probably everything around GJ, but will be chilly.
GJmtb   on Sep 1, 2019
replied to Mountain bike upgrades
Things I've upgraded so far: grips, handlebar, pedals, tires.
GJmtb   on Aug 16, 2019
replied to Beginner Mountain Bike
Head over to a local bike shop and see what used bikes they have. Also ask them what are the best bikes used on local trails.
GJmtb   on Aug 16, 2019
replied to Handlebars
Just put these on a few weeks ago, very nice. The 32mm rise is very nice, do not lean as much forward. Pretty nice on climbs also. https://www.raceface.com/products/details/atlas-1-1-4-riser-bars
GJmtb   on Aug 16, 2019
replied to what are you using for grips?
Checkout RevGrips. https://revgrips.com/
GJmtb   on Aug 9, 2019
replied to I Do not Race!
I ride for fun, but do challenge myself on every ride.
GJmtb   on Jul 23, 2019
replied to Roots: Impediment or Feature?
Here on the Western Slope we have lots of rocks, and some roots all are features. We also have trails that are fast and flowing.
GJmtb   on Jun 25, 2019
replied to First bike, first ride today
Cool, glad to hear you had fun. Get some gloves. Go Tubeless. I'm 5'7" around 155, I'm on a 29 x 2.6 tires, and running about 22-23 lbs.
GJmtb   on Jun 13, 2019
replied to Need sunglasses suggestion
Checkout Rudy Project.
GJmtb   on May 31, 2019
replied to Don't mess with this dude on the trail
Very Cool! Never seen a wolverine before.
I usually take my time on straight aways.
I've seen a few women on 29ers around here.
GJmtb   on May 2, 2019
replied to tire pressure
I've only been riding for about a year and a half, but I did go lower tire pressure when I switched over to tubeless. Yes, weight, terrain should be in the calculation....
GJmtb   on May 1, 2019
replied to Backcountry.com
Have bought from them before, not bike related though. I would buy from them again.
GJmtb   on Apr 12, 2019
replied to Riding on horse trails
"My question is, are we seriously not to enter horse trails at all? Just passing by at least?" Yes, you should have not gone there at all, what so ever.
GJmtb   on Apr 10, 2019
replied to 6K Bike at Walmart?
The people who shop at Walmart, do not have the money for a 6K bike.
GJmtb   on Apr 9, 2019
replied to How do you feel about litter on the trail?
I don't believe I've ever seen any on the trail yet, around here it's very clean.
GJmtb   on Apr 9, 2019
replied to Looking for help/guidance
I say start off on the Giant Stance, you should be just fine on most trails.
GJmtb   on Apr 5, 2019
replied to Shimano Brakes Howling
Never had this happen, just some squeaking. Just needs to be cleaned with some 90% alcohol.
GJmtb   on Apr 5, 2019
replied to Camping in/near Salida CO
Have not been to Salida, but I'm pretty sure there is alot of dispersed camping around. 14er trailheads are a good place to start.
GJmtb   on Mar 24, 2019
replied to advice on bike for beginner
I would checkout your local bike shop for advice on a bike.
From Tuesday's ride Pet-E-Kes.
Last week did Mary's Loop and some trails in Lunch Loop area. Should get out at least two more times this week.
GJmtb   on Mar 7, 2019
replied to Moab vs Bryce / Zion / Sedona
No mountain biking in Zion or Bryce, but definitely checkout the hiking in both parks.  Definitely hit Gooseberry Mesa (MTBing), as well.
GJmtb   on Feb 20, 2019
replied to 29er Trail Tires
Just put on some 29 x 2.6 Specialized Butcher Grid (F), Purgatory Grid (R), very nice setup, $60 per tire, running about 22-23 lbs.
GJmtb   on Jan 28, 2019
replied to Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)?
I still wear shorts down to 36 degrees, so far.
Nothing still, but maybe by the end of this week, something will be doable.
GJmtb   on Jan 26, 2019
replied to How do you handle cycling withdrawal?
Hiking. Yesterday was 5 weeks since my last ride.
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