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Grand Junction // Colorado

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Just started riding in Oct 2017.

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Specialized 2017 Camber
GJmtb   4 days ago
replied to First ride photos of the new year
From my last ride 21 Dec. Horse Thief Bench.  
No problem like that around here for Mountain Bike riding, but the CNM is getting more visitors/hikers I believe, not mountain biking in the CNM, but you never know.
GJmtb   1 week ago
replied to March Trip - Struggling for Ideas
Checkout Moab and/or the Grand Valley.
Will try to get out to Moab, and some stuff about 30 miles from my place, around 9000 ft. Also, try to get over to some stuff about 50-100 miles south of...
GJmtb   3 weeks ago
replied to Christmas shredding
Awesome. I did not ride yesterday.
GJmtb   on Dec 22, 2018
replied to Playing in the mud?
If possible I will not ride in mud.
GJmtb   on Dec 21, 2018
replied to FS bike weight - today's standards
Anyone know the weight of a 2017 FSR Camber or where I can find it?
Don't forget us on the western side of the USA. GJ, Moab, has some pretty nice riding.
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Very cool. Yeah, it is a long drive, just have to spend more time around here.
GJmtb   on Dec 7, 2018
replied to Do you haggle over prices with your LBS?
So far have only made smaller purchases. I also shop on-line for better prices and better selection of gear.
GJmtb   on Dec 6, 2018
replied to Bike wash
I use Pedro's Fizz for cleaning. I also QD/sealant/wax the bike at least 2-3 times a month (paint, tires). Clean brake rotors, shocks, chain (wipe down/lube).
GJmtb   on Dec 5, 2018
replied to New clothes
Thanks. What you should do is visit your local bike shops and see what is available, talk to them about what trails you would like to ride, and what would be a...
GJmtb   on Nov 29, 2018
replied to Coyote Attacks
I've seen at least one I believe about 5 times the last 3 plus years in the same area here in GJ. Got pics.
GJmtb   on Nov 22, 2018
replied to New clothes
Get synthetic clothes, shorts, shirts (long/short). Gloves are a must, helmet a must. Also, a nice synthetic jacket/windbreaker for if it rains.
Checkout Rudy Project.
GJmtb   on Nov 15, 2018
replied to Finally
GJmtb   on Nov 14, 2018
replied to New bike
Head over to your local shop and test ride some bikes, they can point you into the right direction, with their knowledge of local trails.
GJmtb   on Oct 23, 2018
replied to camelback or water bottles?
Camelback for me.
GJmtb   on Sep 17, 2018
replied to Familiar Trails vs. Exploring
I ride the same trails alot. I do watch some youtube vids and then go out and try new trails also around here.
GJmtb   on Sep 16, 2018
replied to Newbe middle aged man
I started last Oct at 62.
GJmtb   on Sep 13, 2018
replied to Winter Apparel
Last year was my first year riding in the winter months. Usually, I rode when it was around in the 40s, a couple of times went out in the 35-37 range. Still...
GJmtb   on Sep 6, 2018
replied to Moab...yes another ?
I like flats.
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GJmtb   on Sep 6, 2018
replied to Tubeless air pressure
With pack I'm around 160 lbs., riding 29x2.3, 24lbs. front and back. I'm still dialing in. Terrain around here is mostly rocky.
GJmtb   on Sep 3, 2018
replied to Minimum Ride?
I just try to get out 3-4 times a week.
GJmtb   on Sep 1, 2018
replied to Bad crash
Ouch! Hope she's ok.
GJmtb   on Aug 30, 2018
replied to What's your favorite MTB beer?
Eddyline makes some pretty tasty brews.
GJmtb   on Jul 30, 2018
replied to Best time to buy a new bike?
For me it's always around fall, when last years model are reduced in price.
GJmtb   on Jul 7, 2018
replied to what are the best hand grips without gloves
Heard excellent things about these: https://revgrips.com/collections/all/products/medium-32-5mm-pro-series-grip-system
As of today, Horse Thief Bench trail, KoKo area.
GJmtb   on Jun 20, 2018
replied to poor tube quality
Yeah, go tubeless. I did last week, went on 2 rides so far, and traction does feel better.
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