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jon721   on Nov 27, 2018
replied to XT M8000 vs SLX M7000
@AaronChamberlain I'm getting ready to purchase new Shimano 1x11 drivetrain to replace a 3x9.  Would the same advice apply to buying a new drivetrain today concerning SLX vs XT components?  Not sure...
Thanks John!  Will probably be traveling with my pedals, shoes and helmet.  Just need to get a pedal wrench.  I rarely remove my pedals and last time I tried with an adjustable...
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Sounds good.  Thanks for the info John!
Thanks Greg!  Will check out the trails you mentioned and contact Boneshaker for the bike rental.
jon721   on Sep 25, 2017
started a topic: Visiting Buena Vista, Colorado in late October
I will be visiting family in Buena Vista, Colorado for a few days in late October.  Not sure how much free time I will have to ride but just curious if the...
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