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Idahoian   2 weeks ago
commented on Do Women's Mountain Bikes Offend You?
Here are 3 facts: 1) there are only 2 genders. 2) If we arm wrestle and I win, it doesn't mean you have to live out your life as a home-maker 3) Women's specific designs on bikes were designed by women for women in order to... ... wait for it... GET MORE WOMEN INTO MOUNTAIN…
Don't forget excessively high heartrate, slower reaction time, bronchitis, paranoia, and moobs. Where do I sign up?
Idahoian   on Aug 29, 2017
replied to Steep Downhill: Front or Back Brake?
Best to think of your brakes as two different individuals.  Sometimes all rear is the right thing, sometimes all front is the right thing... most of the time, it will be some...
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