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Boxmonkey   on Jun 6, 2018
replied to Rockshox Judy gold. 2018
Google search: Suntour Xcr Lo R Air 29/27.5+
I have had three orders with CRC. The first two went amazing, but were small items (sprocket, bolts and tires). Quick shipping times, and great packaging. My last order for a wheelset,...
When I bought my first bike in Feb 17, it was the most I had paid for a bike $300 used. Once I was hooked, I started looking at $1200 full suspension...
As a hunter and mountain biker this troubles me. I agree with Mr. Dobbs 100%. Every hunting season people, livestock, and pets are shot needlessly. This part of the reason that I am mainly an archery hunter. Fellow bikers please wear your brightest colors or a blaze orange vest when riding in hunting zones during…
Boxmonkey   on Oct 26, 2017
spec'd a bike: Transition Scout
Giant Anthem 3, Marin Hawk Hill, Kona Precept 150 are in your price range as well. If you could add another $1k your options open up quite a bit. Also check with the...
Boxmonkey   on Jul 26, 2017
replied to Affordable rear hitch mount racks
Recently purchased this rack to take our bike to the beach from TN. It is not the best, but far from the worst. The bikes are held securely, but I am unsure...
Boxmonkey   on Jul 16, 2017
added 2 photos.
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Boxmonkey   on Jul 16, 2017
updated IC King Park conditions to Good
Boxmonkey   on Jun 25, 2017
replied to Buying new bike
The bike seems to have a good build kit, and if it fits the riding you do all should be well. Mr. Greene is correct that you can find some lightly used higher...
100% in the truck to the trails, but I have several choices within 30 minutes drive of the house.
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