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Dirtchacer   on Dec 28, 2017
commented on Over a Beer: Passion Leads to Tension
Fantastic articles, what is get for one might not be best for another. I used to play simi-professional soccer in my late teens and early 20s. I never argue about footwear because the shoes fit everyone differently. My spouse picked her bike because it inspired confidence in her ability. I did not pick the bike,…
Dirtchacer   on Oct 30, 2017
added a review of Lebanon Hills

I have ridden this trail and have fun every time. Good range from easy to difficult and in between. I...
I love this article! Because I like it! Enough said. I truly enjoy MTB just because I do. I don't know why and I am not going to go out and psychoanalyze my feeling. I don't have time for that. That's like asking, why you like spending time with your children. Quick answer is "it…
Dirtchacer   on Jun 13, 2017
added a review of Lake Stanley Draper

This is the first time being back on Oklahoma in 2 years. I have been riding in Minnesota for just...
Dirtchacer   on Jun 7, 2017
spec'd a bike: Norco Norco Fluid 7.1
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