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trackerJack   on Sep 1, 2019
replied to Mountain bike upgrades
Things I’ve upgraded so far: grips, handlebar, pedals, tires. These important components of the bike will definitely make your bike better. Recently helped a buddy upgrade his bike after we finished installing the...
trackerJack   on Aug 29, 2019
replied to External headset?
Curious about the looks and setup of that integrated cup. Can you share a pics so we can check if it is possible to use an external headset?
trackerJack   on Aug 28, 2019
replied to Riding in the cool rains of fall
Jeff that's a pretty good list of nice jackets.
True about comparison difference with Strava and other app. Happy with Strava here either.
trackerJack   on Aug 26, 2019
replied to Hitch bike rack
@trackerJack – it has worked fantastic.  Over a 8 day time frame in late May and early June I drove from San Antonio, Texas to Bentonville, Arkansas then to Sante Fe and...
trackerJack   on Aug 23, 2019
replied to Hitch bike rack
@silverstang How's it now? A buddy of mine is considering a hitch bike rack for his Civic as well. The Kuat rack looks good.
trackerJack   on Aug 22, 2019
replied to Rockhopper options
Great tips on here. Definitely choose the new one if you have limited wrenching abilities. As mentioned, invest in better tires so you'll learn good.
trackerJack   on Aug 20, 2019
replied to what are you using for grips?
Oury. Shock-absorbing, comfortable, tacky enough not to have your hand slip, soft but will last a few seasons of rough riding, and basically the best grips. Ever. And no, I don’t own the...
trackerJack   on Aug 15, 2019
replied to colorado trails
SanJuanHuts looks like got good stuff to offer, especially for beginners.
trackerJack   on Aug 14, 2019
replied to The 2019 Black Bear Rampage
Nice new outfit! Hope I can join someday.
trackerJack   on Aug 13, 2019
replied to The 2019 Black Bear Rampage
Cool artwork indeed! Hope to try the Black bear rampage soon.
trackerJack   on Aug 13, 2019
replied to I Do not Race!
I do it for fun and fitness as well. I get a little harder and faster when I know it is safe.
trackerJack   on Aug 9, 2019
replied to night riding
Night riding is great. I love how it expands my season into the Daylight savings months. Having experienced a light failure on a trail in the middle of winter, I will enthusiastically...
trackerJack   on Aug 8, 2019
replied to night riding
Looking to try the night riding as well. That Cygolite Expilion 800 looks great. I don't have a keen eye in the dark so I need something a little brighter.
Heard another guy broke the rear hub on his 2018 Stache 5. I was helping a buddy installing the new lift kit and fender flares on his truck when his brother came...
trackerJack   on Oct 30, 2017
replied to Appropriate price for this cannondale
Did you end up getting that bike? If so, how much?
trackerJack   on Oct 27, 2017
replied to Looking for bike suggestions/resources
At that budget I would vote too for a new one. Start with what suggested above.
trackerJack   on Oct 26, 2017
replied to bike repair suggestions
Sounds like a new bike would be better.
Having a pack is way more convenient and practical to store things. Never seen anyone here leave their keys on the tire.
trackerJack   on Apr 27, 2017
replied to Bontrager's new wheel sets
That would be good if they improve and maintain the quality of tires for less. I've encountered some products that started with high quality and a good price which eventually lower the...
trackerJack   on Apr 26, 2017
replied to VIDEO: Riding Rifle, CO
Good run on that challenging trail! Lots of things to watch out
trackerJack   on Apr 26, 2017
replied to Bike resto projects
My uncle got Diamond  Apex either and thinking to restore it too! He said it was missing some pieces but just minor parts. Gonna start planning on it right after we installed...
Good run man, nice trail!
Another great video buddy, pretty exciting trail.
trackerJack   on Apr 24, 2017
replied to Bike tie-downs?
Tailgate cover seems a better choice for trucks!
trackerJack   on Apr 24, 2017
replied to Which bike?
One buddy here go that 27.5+ Raleigh Tokul 3 and seems a very good one.
trackerJack   on Apr 21, 2017
replied to Bike tie-downs?
Looking for ideas about bike tie-down either. Subscribing
trackerJack   on Apr 20, 2017
replied to Pisgah tires rotation
Good to hear the improvement. I wouldn't mind the wear either as long as the needed traction is there.
trackerJack   on Apr 19, 2017
replied to Vehicle rooftop tents: Yeah! or Meh?
Meh. Find them practical if you need to stay away from the ground for safety.
trackerJack   on Apr 18, 2017
replied to Your favorite bike trails in Michigan
Admiring all the great trails out there in Michigan. Hoping to ride at Copper Harbor next month.
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