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kkilton   on Jul 10, 2013
added a review of Maxwell Falls

Fun technical climbing but not much flow overall. Not enough trail to make it worthwhile unless you are already in...
kkilton   on May 4, 2013
added a photo of Village Greens Park
kkilton   on May 4, 2013
added a review of Village Greens Park

When it comes to mtb parks, this place is great! It has a little bit of everything you find on...
kkilton   on Oct 8, 2012
added a review of Hall Ranch

Amazing trail. Loved the rock garden section. Only had to walk a couple of the rocks. I started at Heil...
kkilton   on Sep 8, 2012
added a review of Lewis And Clark Monument

No markings at all on this trail. Got lost several times and barely got in 3 miles. There were some...
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kkilton   on Sep 8, 2012
added a review of Swanson Park

3.5 miles according to GPS. Took me 30 minutes and that was taking a wrong turn. Fun flowy trail though....
kkilton   on Apr 26, 2012
added a comment on Specialized Camber Pro 29er Mountain Bike Review
I just picked up a 2011 Specialized Camber 29er Elite last weekend. This is an awesome bike. The only weak...

I didn't ride all the way to Breck, just to Georgia Pass and back down for 24 miles of extacy!...
kkilton   on Nov 23, 2010
added a review of Centennial Cone Park

Epic! Only 2 places that were technical. A couple of pucker places riding along the hillside to a huge drop!...
kkilton   on Oct 11, 2010
added a review of North Table Mountain

Nice views and a very steep climb up the access road. Otherwise, this a beginner's trail. If you want a...
kkilton   on Sep 27, 2010
added a review of Dedisse Trail

What an awesome trail! Tons of little technical sections for beginners and intermediate riders. Beautiful singletrack trail. Not the best...

I loved this trail. This was only my 2nd time on a mountain bike trail and THIS is what I...
kkilton   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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