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Marji Gesick 100 (also part of NUE), Marji Gesick 200 and Rockstar 270 (part of the Virginia Endurance Series).
presali   on Feb 14, 2019
commented on Review: DPX2, the New Trail Shock From Fox
How does it behave compared to DVO?
Fat chance the trails will be expanded. Lets assume that they are, will you really be riding across fields of toxic oil rigs that are polluting the air you are hastily consuming while riding your bike hard? Doubt it. The argument that asks where the power one consumes originates was thought up by the heritage…
Yes, keep voting for republicans and see more of this country's natural playgrounds sold for cents on the dollar and then destroyed for corporate profits.
presali   on Mar 9, 2017
replied to Favorite Songs to Ride To?
So i literally created an account just to provide some input... seriously. Below, in no specific order, is my current playlist. Note that I train with music and usually race without. This is...
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