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scohen85   on Oct 19, 2018
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
It was a 2004 or 05 Giant AC. Bought when I was stationed at Fort Richardson. Up until that point I was big into riding street and dirt jumps with 20" wheels....
scohen85   on Dec 9, 2017
replied to Full Suspension Frame
Yeah, for sure. More then a recommendation on bike, I was looking for other places to look to buy.
scohen85   on Dec 9, 2017
replied to Full Suspension Frame
I can't be over $1000. I would like to be less, but to be realistic. There have been 2 so far 1 on ebay that I think I should have grabbed and...
scohen85   on Dec 9, 2017
started a topic: Full Suspension Frame
About this time last year I got back into Mt biking after about 8yrs. away. I bought a hard tail (DB Sync'r) thinking that it was all I needed, well since about...
scohen85   on Nov 22, 2017
added a review of Anderson Park

Very good trail, all areas are alot of fun in there own way. Check it out forsure.
scohen85   on Oct 11, 2017
started a topic: Front Fork
I just recently purchased a DB Sync'r, and have had it out on the trail less then 10 times for less then 7 miles each time. So it has not been abused...
scohen85   on Sep 18, 2017
added a review of kiwanis trail

This trail is around the block from my house so I ride here often. This trail is a good time....
scohen85   on May 31, 2017
replied to What's a good MTB for a "beginner" ?
A few months ago I picked up a Diamondback Sync and so far I am very happy with it. Might be something for you to look at.
scohen85   on Feb 22, 2017
replied to Its been a while
Well, I ordered the Sync'r.  Don't have it yet,  but thank you guys for all your input.
scohen85   on Feb 14, 2017
replied to Its been a while
Well, like I was saying, I get special price from a website for people who work in the outdoor industry. Thats why I'm looking at the DiamondBack  models. On the website it...
scohen85   on Feb 14, 2017
started a topic: Its been a while
I'm new to the Forum, and have been away from bikes for a few years. I grew up with a passion for Dirt Jumping and street riding, and then while in the...
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