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atbscott   on Aug 13, 2018
replied to Santa Cruz
If you get a chance to. ride a Pivot Switchblade.  I just recently got one and I'm blown away by how well it climbs, and makes descents get behind me way sooner...
atbscott   on Apr 7, 2018
replied to Trek Fuel Ex 8 vs Scott Genius 740 27+
As a former dealer of both bikes, I have this to say: Both are well-equipped, good-riding bikes.  That said, I'd go with the Scott.  While we carried Trek longer than Scott, we had...
I see a lot of comments on here about "what shops charge being too much", etc... as well as some folks defending that the shop owner(s) have to keep the doors open. As a former shop owner, I can say first-hand that it is increasingly difficult to stock a wide range of parts for the…
atbscott   on Nov 19, 2017
replied to Help diagnosing chainring wear
As a professional mechanic for 40+ years, I would offer a  couple of things to check: 1) It looks more like this wear is from the chain being cross-chained than actual "load" wear...
atbscott   on Nov 19, 2017
replied to Help diagnosing chainring wear
Budget bike is a completely acceptable way to start.  If you like it enough to stay with it, save up for a nicer bike next year (if you need to save...)  If...
atbscott   on Mar 18, 2017
replied to Crested Butte, Fruita, Moab. Pick 2
For that time of year, I would hit Crusty Butt and spend the week there!  Couple of things to consider besides temps:  Depending on where you are from, you will likely need...
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