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The "Subscribe to Singletracks" popup makes me want to delete singletracks from my bookmarks and browser history and never visit the site again. Shitty, stupid and user hostile.
Good article, gives me some things to think about. But right now I want to talk about the obvious-in-retrospect thing I just learned: You can't single-speed a dual-suspension bike if you toast your derailleur. Does it work if you lock out the suspension? I'd guess not, because "locked" isn't really locked, and there's still the…
I built up a $9K road bike, and after putting 30K miles on it you know what I regret? Not spending the extra $500 to get Campy Super Record instead of Record.
I badly sprained my ankle this summer walking out my back door, just before I turned 50. I was off the bike for three months and the doctor says it'll never be 100%. Now I wear a brace when MTB-ing, and it's not clear what the long term prognosis is. I'm acutely aware of how…
kridley   on Dec 2, 2016
added a photo of Cannondale Slate Force CX-1
kridley   on Dec 2, 2016
added Slate Force CX-1
Cannondale's crazy lefty-equipped monster cross machine.
kridley   on Dec 2, 2016
spec'd a bike: Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5 0 Team
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