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A longtime rider, I maintain a high appreciation for irreverence, chaos and nasty terrain. I've ridden all over N America including BC as well as Switzerland, Italy, France and Holland. Despite having ridden many places, the trails in the Pisgah National Forrest remain some of my favorites.

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@whatshubdoc I have ridden the Offering and I think it would be exactly what you may be looking for. I have ridden The Smuggler as well and it is a great bike. The Offering be a more aggressive descender and likely give you more opportunity to ride like a hooligan. While the Offering is technically…
All Evil bikes share the same DNA and I've ridden all of them as my friend is the GA dealer. My own personal daily driver is the Wreckoning, their long travel 29er. I highly recommend taking one of these out if you get the opportunity. It has all of the party time playfulness of the…
I absolutely love this kinda stuff. It would probably be even easier (cheaper?) to do with a hardtail, but still fucking great work!
Dr Sweets   on Sep 25, 2019
replied to Evil The Calling MB Bike Fit
@MikeyFlo86: "Dr Sweets, Your comment about the stem being the factor that is giving me the length I want is what has me concerned. I am very comfortable on my current bike...
Dr Sweets   on Sep 25, 2019
replied to Evil The Calling MB Bike Fit
@MikeyFlo86: "Plusbike Nerd, looking at the top tube+ stem makes my current bike look HUGE compared to all the bikes I am looking at (620+90=710mm; Evil The Calling 624+40=662mm). I can’t image that...
Dr Sweets   on Sep 11, 2019
replied to Dropper post on All Mountain bikes?
@PlusbikeNerd: "I’ll likely be in the minority here but I don’t use a dropper post.  While I think they will help you descend more easily and quickly, I don’t think they are...
Dr Sweets   on Aug 20, 2019
replied to what are you using for grips?
Asking for opinions on any contact point (grip, saddle, pedal, etc) is right up there with opinions on underwear. I might love my rip away mankinis, but you may be more of...
The question Brian is how does it compare to it's contenders eg: Weevil's BurroSak, Bontrager's Rapid pack, EVOC's Hip Pack Race, Dakine's Hot Laps pack to name some of the more highly regarded offerings. Then at the end of the day are you gonna reach for this (over a traditional hydration backpack) if you absolutely…
Dr Sweets   on Aug 6, 2019
replied to Bring Back 90's color to bicycle frames
@Phonebem: "Bring back the Kleins!!!" I had two pre-Trek Kleins in the early/mid-90's. They looked great and rode well, but were rather fragile. I went through a couple of sets of those screwy...
Under the best of circumstances, we would never need any protective gear. I certainly have been on countless rides where my armor really had no use whatsoever other than to make me...
Dr Sweets   on Aug 5, 2019
replied to Bring Back 90's color to bicycle frames
There was a time not too long ago where you could get custom colors or at least have selection of multiple colorways on non-halo bikes. This disappeared mostly due to excess cost...
I have the Type 1 'Beetus and on longer (2 hrs +) rides I carry my glucometer and insulin goodies. The only thing I am really allergic to is stupid people, but...
This looks nuts/awesome. Do they have an old fart category? Does one have to know how to speak French to pull it off?
Dr Sweets   on Jul 15, 2019
replied to How true are your wheels?
Perfectly true. Mostly do it myself, however I've ran heavy duty carbon wheels for the last four years and they rarely need any truing.
Dr Sweets   on Jul 15, 2019
replied to bmc sf02 2012 26er
26" bikes ride just fine, but hopefully you'll be paying next to nothing for it as you a. cannot find any new bikes outside of kids bikes with 26" wheels, b. the...
Dr Sweets   on Jun 25, 2019
replied to Looking at entry level full suspension
Shoot for a hard tail. Plenty of good ones out there under $1000. You could get this one and stick a fork and dropper on it and still come in under a...
Dr Sweets   on Jun 13, 2019
replied to $50 limit annnnnnndddd..... go!
A few grams of weed.
@MarkWeaver: "I have a big snowboarding background where bigger boards are faster, but smaller boards are more fun in the terrain park. That makes me think a 27.5 might be my sweet...
Dr Sweets   on May 21, 2019
replied to tire inserts
I ran a Cushcore insert for my rear wheel for nine months and Huck Norris for nearly a year. I am 220 lb with gear and these were used on custom built...
Dr Sweets   on Apr 16, 2019
replied to Trail Hardtails
@HalfSquish: "its not so much having weed smokers on payroll its the blatant selling of kona branded rolling papers. i have ridden a couple konas and they are fabulous bikes." I'm confused on...
Dr Sweets   on Apr 11, 2019
replied to DB Mason 1 vs Hook
The Mason is a burlier platform and comes with a better/more appropriate spec. Put a dropper post on and tear it up.
Dr Sweets   on Apr 10, 2019
replied to Trail Hardtails
The answer is always Honzo. Base level MSRP for $1500 and nothing that needs an upgrade (no PF bs, has a dropper) out of the gate. Less scratch than the comparable Salsa...
Dr Sweets   on Apr 10, 2019
replied to Trail Hardtails
@HalfSquish: "That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. EVER" Damn! Winning! My work is done here.
Dr Sweets   on Apr 10, 2019
replied to Trail Hardtails
@Halfsquish: "For me the answer is never Kona, I don’t support Potheads." You probably should quit mountain biking. The holier than thou weed teetotalers are few and far between in the industry there...
Hope Pro 4's work great and can be had for $220. I have a set on my bike and they have remained trouble free for more than a year and a half....
Does it even matter? Humans are just a bunch of self-absorbed ennui-filled talking monkeys. Wherever you are on this anthill  is not any better than anywhere else. The world is a tiny...
Dr Sweets   on Mar 5, 2019
replied to Alternative to painting a bike frame?
I have had numerous frames powder coated over the years. Best pricing is around $100. It's a nice way to go, but recently I went a different direction. Spray Bike is a...
Dr Sweets   on Feb 28, 2019
replied to Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike
Of the choices you've mentioned I'd take the SC Hightower or Hightower LT ($4000 base for either). Personally I liked the Hightower better as it was just more agile, but either way...
Dr Sweets   on Feb 26, 2019
replied to Customizing stumpjumper evo 2019
@SyndneyRider: "hi guys, just putting this out there. If you were to upgrade a stumpjumper evo 2019 model. What would you change and why??? What would be the max travel front and...
Dr Sweets   on Feb 13, 2019
replied to Hard decision ahead???
The Slash is the most racey and the most pricey. It is a nice bike, but in the group of long travel 29ers I've ridden/demoed it wasn't my favorite as I like...
I would choose the Chameleon from yr choices. A very decent all around bike. Otherwise the right answer is always Honzo.
Dr Sweets   on Feb 10, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
@AlvinMullen: "Fact is nobody needs any mountain bike. Mountain biking is for fun, ride and buy what you like. I for one appreciate all the variety I get to choose from." Exactly. Now STFU...
Out of the gate I'd say go for the Bronson...IF it is actually a 2016 model, the second edition of the Bronson. If it's the first edition then forget it. The newer...
Nothing. Get over it. Ride again another day and remember that a bad day riding still tops most endeavors.
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