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I smell a market opportunity for sailboat racing gear manufacturers like Gill, Helly, Musto and Henri Lloyd. Specifically when I read your comment about zippers. For sure an easy entry for that insidious water but these shops have developed some pretty "tight" zippers no pun intended!
palmerton   on May 8, 2017
replied to Does Gore-Tex really work for you?
the only thing I can add is yes BUT pit zips are key.  Additionally, while Gore-Tex is proprietary they are advancing their tech (which is expensive) and it may be that the...

started from the southern trailhead late in the day 04/02/17 only rode to the dry bed lake. mostly double track...
ok, so i'm about to pay full fare for a Trek 29r Fuel ex 8.5 Alloy.  if understand correctly i'm overpaying for the ride??
palmerton   on Feb 16, 2017
replied to What is your favorite trail in New York?
Yes would have to give the Ellicottville trail network another nod.  In addition to the network you also have access to trails at Holiday Valley and Holimont ski areas.  Finally, you get...
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