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Howell // Michigan

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Between singletrack and gravel I average about 12 rides a month, 1000 miles a year.

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Hartwood   on Sep 22, 2019
added 2 photos.
Lupine Trail July 2019
Hartwood   on Mar 25, 2019
spec'd a bike: Specialized Stumpjumper ST Alloy 27.5 2019
Hartwood   on Sep 29, 2018
replied to Mountain bike to Gravel bike?
I’ve been riding gravel for 2 years now on my aluminum 27.5 XC hardtail. I am using Maxxis Icon 2.3” tires. Although it works fine, I am now shopping for a rigid,...
Hartwood   on Aug 18, 2018
added a photo
Stone bench at top of Big Kame loop.
I have always made the connection and thought it was brilliant! I wonder if the family of John Belushi will now sue RockShox for naming their fat bike shock “Bluto”!
Hartwood   on Jun 5, 2018
added a review of Kind Shock KS E10

Well built. Reliable. Infinite adjustment. 125mm travel. Internal routing in seat post. Low cost - Good value.
Hartwood   on Mar 2, 2018
added a photo
Hartland Michigan
Hartwood   on Jan 24, 2018
replied to Why I Mountain Bike
Good job Joe! Well said. Props for Michigan mountain biking!
Jeff, You may also look into putting a PVC pipe over the rusty pipe.
Hartwood   on Dec 23, 2017
added a photo
Gotta love winter!
I have great respect for Lee McCormack and admire his design, but as I am looking for my next bike, an additional $1,200 would go a long way. I would rather have a new and better bike that will motivate me even more.
Hartwood   on Nov 15, 2017
replied to glasses
I wear amber lens safety glasses from Tru Value Hardware. The amber color highlights the trail contrasts. (Same concept as shooters lenses). The other nice things are the arm angles can be...
Hartwood   on Sep 11, 2017
added a photo
Bike Shed
Hartwood   on Jul 29, 2017
added a review of Brighton Rec Area

First time on Murray Lake and the Lost trail today. Lots of fun and fast flow especially in the shady...
Hartwood   on Jul 20, 2017
replied to Trust worthy online mtb shop???
I have had good luck with Tree Fort Bikes for parts and equipment and they have price match. They are also a full service bike shop and know their stuff if you have...
Hartwood   on Jul 1, 2017
added a photo
My latest home made trail . . . Rock Garden
Hartwood   on Mar 4, 2017
added a photo
Hartwood   on Feb 19, 2017
spec'd a bike: Salsa Mukluk GX1 SUS
It depends on what changes they made from one year to the next. Compare the frame specs, geometry, build kit and components . . 1x11, 2x10, NX1, GX1, XO1, boost hubs, forks,...
Not to derail the topic, but in case there are new riders (like I was just last summer) reading this thread, I would like to provide the following advice: Assuming your bike...
Hartwood   on Jan 7, 2017
spec'd a bike: Diamondback Axis xe
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