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Turtlesz   on Oct 17, 2017
replied to Glen Park In Stroudsburg, PA
I raced a couple of enduros here. I did see a few dudes riding hard tails, its possible I guess. I wouldn't be on one though.
Turtlesz   on Feb 22, 2017
added a review of Lehigh Mountain

This is my local trail system that I ride weekly. When I first started heading to Lehigh Mountain (SoMo to...
I fall into the same category as Nick, I feel very strange if I ride without my pack on. I use a small-ish camelback, it usually contains water(obviously), a tube (even though...
Turtlesz   on Feb 3, 2017
replied to conversion from 3x9 to 1x9
I recently did a 3x9 to a 1x10 conversion on my hardtail. I bought a 32T raceface chainring on amazon for 25$ and bought a sun race 11-42 cassette also on amazon for...
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