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Wayne // Nebraska


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My son Ian got me started. Every now and them we get to ride together, usually in Omaha or Freemont. In 2015 I rode 94 miles of single track trail, 2016 I rode 131 miles, 2017 I rode 244, looking forward to 2018.

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William Engebretsen   on Oct 25, 2018
added a review of Maskenthine Lake

Just over 7 miles of well maintained trail. I have over 200 miles this summer on that trail alone. heavy...
I started four years ago. I ride mostly Intermediate trail, but I love it to death. I'm very conservative and don't let my wheels leave the ground very often. The real challenges aren't keeping up with my 28 year old son, but keeping going week after week and getting in shape. Every now and then…
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