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Trying to knock off the top 50 MTB trails in Michigan (as of 2016) before my twin boys head off to college.

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SomeYahoo   on Sep 5, 2017
added a review of Addison Oaks

Amazing, well kept, flowing trail. A new favorite for us!
SomeYahoo   on Aug 22, 2017
added 2 photos.
Trail map as of August 2017

Amazing trail system. Was there with my teenage boys and it has further hooked them on the sport.

Our new favorite trail! Wasn't on the top 50 list we are working to complete, but was recommended by the...
SomeYahoo   on Aug 22, 2017
added a review of Yankee Springs

Excellent flowing trail. Loved it!

Short trail with a few interesting features. Rather open. The old BMX track is a fun diversion.
SomeYahoo   on Aug 22, 2017
added a review of Owasippe

Rode the black trail. VERY HILLY! It was a sufferfest for us. This is the first time my boys wanted...
SomeYahoo   on Aug 22, 2017
added a review of The Dump

Another awesome trail! Technical and not too hilly. Only complaint was some of the weeds were overgrown and thorny -...

Great trail for me and my boys. We didn't do the grinder (will come back when they are older and...
SomeYahoo   on Jun 7, 2017
answered a question about
I didn't see a gate...
SomeYahoo   on May 30, 2017
added a review of Southern Links Trailway

Nice as far as rail trails go. Boys had fun counting off the miles as the markers ticked by. Smooth...
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