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Jeff discussions, arguments are healthy, but careless statements and gross generalizations are not. Bold statements such as "plus tires aren't durable", "plus tires are too heavy", and plus tires don't corner well are in general irresponsible and misleading. Especially from the standpoint of the average middle aged mtb rider. Thanks.
Blitz thank you for the very informative and fact based response. It is important that influential news sources such as Singletracks base their articles on facts, if not the public will seek reviews/info from other sources. Thanks again.
Rob R   on Aug 4, 2017
added a review of Zion Cyclery

Awesome shop. Very helpful with a lot of bikes and accessories on hand and priced competitively. Best shop in the...
Rob R   on Aug 3, 2017
rode 48.3 miles at Petrifying Springs

Lunch Ride via Strava
Rob R   on Aug 3, 2017
rode 6.6 miles at Petrifying Springs

Lunch Ride via Strava
Hey Ken get off your high horse and lighten up especially since you called the riders idiots firstly ????
Rob R   on Nov 3, 2016
spec'd a bike: Motobecane NightTrain Bullet
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