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I have ridden and raced street motorcycles and dirt bikes in the past. Still ride the dirt bike but quit racing. Started mtn biking late in life and really enjoy cross country and blue downhills.

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Awesome for sure. He rides really well. I am 68 and am in my 7th year with Parkinsons Disease. Still love mtn biking, especially downhill (blues and mild blacks) and dirt biking. Ex motorcyle roadracer and still need the rush I guess. 82 is inspiring.
gidani   on Dec 11, 2017
commented on Perspective: "Am I Getting Too Old for This?"
67 and 6 years with Parkinsons Disease (it sucks) and still having fun on the mtn bike doing cross country and downhill. Also just replaced my 2007 dirt bike with a 2016. I exercise nearly every day but riding the mtn bike or dirt bike is by far the best therapy and most fun. I…
I have been a dirt biker for many years but probably ride my mountain bike more these days. Mountain bikers are now getting a first hand education on the leftist radical environmentalist agenda or locking up forests and deserts as tree and rock museums to be accessible only to those who share their agenda. Many…
I ride dirt bikes and mountain bikes. Dirt bikers have faced booby trapped trails for years including piano wire across trails at neck hieght. The eco-freaks now are expanding their operations to injure mountain bikers. These people think they are the only ones entitled to use of public lands. Their primary objective seems to be…
Great logical advise from one of the greatest mountain bikers ever. I started mountain biking at age 61 having ridden dirt bikes and roadraced motorcycles previously so recovering from injury is something I am well aquainted with. I used to trail run but tore my calf muscle twice so decided to try mountain biking for…
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