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Also, use roll a lint brush over your arms and legs after riding to remove any small ticks.
Rob K   on Sep 6, 2018
replied to Tubeless air pressure
I have Racing Ralph's on my HT; trail varies between hard pack and sand with tree roots thrown in. I weigh 175, I been riding around 20-22F / 22-24R (tubeless), few pounds more...
Rob K   on May 12, 2018
commented on a photo of Mills Peak
Awesome! \m/
Rob K   on Mar 8, 2017
replied to Favorite Songs to Ride To?
I usually listen to albums while riding, but these are a couple of favorite songs that come on while riding: Henchman Ride - Testament Hanger 18 - Megadeth Across the Sea of Madness - CAGE...
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