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eytan   on Nov 14, 2018
commented on My First Pedal Assisted Mountain Bike Ride
Stop being such a gatekeeper. You are like fit people at a gym complaining about overweight people instead of encouraging them. More people on the trails is good for the sport. it creates more awareness about the sport which in turn will create more trails. If you want all the trails to yourself go live…
eytan   on Nov 5, 2018
eytan   on Oct 8, 2018
added a photo of Blue Mountain Reservation
Rollers at blue mountain. Photograph by https://www.hyunashin.com/
Were people cancelling appointments because she was a black female? or because she is not even on a level to be considered pro? No one is going to meet you if you only have aspirations and no receipts to prove you are good. Train hard and enter small competitions. If you have the talent someone…
No mention of Sprain Ridge?
eytan   on Jul 3, 2016
updated Sprain Ridge conditions to Good
eytan   on Jun 26, 2016
updated Sprain Ridge conditions to Good
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