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sambones80   on Dec 9, 2018
added 5 photos.
This little switchback is way harder than it looks in the image - Wild Hare advanced optional
sambones80   on Oct 8, 2018
answered a question about
The trails are open.
sambones80   on Sep 29, 2018
added a review of Forney Creek Trail

Unexpectedly scenic little trail system that makes for an easy, relaxing evening ride. Better suited for walking/hiking. As for MTB'ing,...
sambones80   on Sep 29, 2018
added 2 photos.
Rooty climb - Figure 8

Not very hard but not too easy, just a whole lot of fun! There's no real climbing and a lot of...
sambones80   on May 14, 2016
added a review of Denver Xc Trail

Not a bad little trail but it could use some work. I remember it being more clearly marked a few...
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