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Podiumcrasher   on Oct 23, 2019
replied to winter trail riding
Big fan of riding all year!  Winter riding especially when you get a few inches with that turns into the perfectly smooth crust. Started the ride pictured before the snow came down....
Podiumcrasher   on Oct 16, 2019
commented on Who Got You Into Mountain Biking?
Riding dirt trails under power lines as a kid on my bmx bike in the 70's and trying to figure out a way to get gears on my bike. Later in life got a summer gig with the PD educating people about bike safety riding on sidewalks and in the college pedestrian mall. Rode a…
Podiumcrasher   on Oct 16, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
Less manicured and groomed trails. Miss the days when a tree fell across the trail and you figured out how to get over it without a chainsaw. Bar ends...  More titanium over carbon....
Podiumcrasher   on Oct 13, 2019
replied to Night riding and Deer
I once rode through a small heard night riding just had to go slow. Pretty spectacular.  Some of the best single track was created by them!
I use to wash the gloves after every other ride. Now I stick them and the sidi's on one of those ski boot /glove dryers after every ride. Wash them when i run out of clean shorts and jerseys. I highly recommend the ski boot/glove dryer method. Gloves stay fresh longer and shoes don't smell.
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