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Nothing technical but still gave 5 stars because of length, scenery, hills (climbing) and camping options. Yes hills in Iowa!...
2 separate campgrounds right off MTB trail.   on Oct 21, 2017
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Awesome new trail that just opened up late 2017. Probably one of the top five in the state in my...   on Jul 31, 2017
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Colorado Trail above Copper Mountain on way to Searle Pass/12034 ft.. Jerry Ferrell ridden 7/24/17   on Jul 16, 2017
added a review of Nine Mile

Had to give this five stars because it should be way higher on the "best" list. Challenging rocks which may...

Had to give five stars because it's my favorite Wisconsin trail and should be way higher on the list. Great...   on Jul 15, 2017
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A fun trail but the $11 parking $5 trail fee huge turnoff. Wausau, River Falls (free), and many others better...
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