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Tampa // Florida

Tranceman   on Dec 1, 2008
added 8 photos.
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We had just one day to ride on our way back home to Florida. Took a chance on Warrior's Path...
Tranceman   on Oct 28, 2008
added a review of Santos

I've been to Santos twice now and I think that it's great. I'd have to say that it is better...
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We use Boyette as an alternative to Alafia. It's always a good time and there are certainly some challenging trails...
Tranceman   on Oct 28, 2008
added a review of Alafia River State Park

I ride Alafia twice a week and still have not gotten tired of it. It is also well worth the...
Tranceman   on Oct 27, 2008
added a review of Bull / Jake Mountain

Rode Jake's Mountain and Bull Mountain . Each ride was about three hours so we certainly didn't see all of...
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