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Wisconsin Rapids // Wisconsin

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MtnBker26   on Sep 22, 2017
added a review of Sylvan Hill Bike Park

Great downhill ride. Fun for the novice all the way to double blackdiamond section
MtnBker26   on Sep 21, 2017
spec'd a bike: Giant Talon 27.5 4
MtnBker26   on Mar 21, 2014
added a review of Giant Talon 27.5 4

Hydrolic brakes, nice saddle, fair price, handles nicely, like the lock out feature on shock and I like the stock...
MtnBker26   on Mar 28, 2011
added a review of Ray's Mtb Park

Great overall setup love coming here during the cold winter months. Ray has done it again with another awesome bike...
MtnBker26   on Mar 25, 2010
added a review of Rays Indoor Mtb Park

This Is by far the best idea anyone could have for bikers living in a cold climate. I don't think...
MtnBker26   on May 22, 2009
added 2 photos.
Off the beaten path
MtnBker26   on May 13, 2009
added 6 photos.
Picture of the trail ahead of my bike
MtnBker26   on Apr 16, 2009
added a photo
2007 Trek 4300. This is my bike on the trail near my house
MtnBker26   on Mar 3, 2009
added a review of WTB Speed V Comp

Very comfy with a expensive look but not at the price.
MtnBker26   on Jan 8, 2009
added a review of Planet Bike Grunge Board

Light weight and strong.

Great at what its supposed to do. It looks great also.
MtnBker26   on Dec 31, 2008
added a review of Park MTB-3 Rescue Tool

Light weight easy to use and small/light enough to take with you anywhere.

Very informative, with good detailed pitures/drawings.
MtnBker26   on Oct 27, 2008
added a photo of Standing Rocks
The trail is well marked

This pump has both Preasta, and Schrader valves on one hose. Very useful and easy to use on different bikes...

It's light and compact and very useful if you flat miles into a trail.

This is by far the best bottle I've used. Leak proof, built strong. and the bite valve is indeed what...

It works with all my bottles
MtnBker26   on Oct 7, 2008
added a review of * Mountain Bike Action

Great tips, great reviews on gear and bikes for those on a budget to those that money isn't a problem....
MtnBker26   on Oct 7, 2008
added a review of Trek Club Gloves

They seem to absorb the trail chatter, that otherwise would make yours hands sore and numb faster.
MtnBker26   on Oct 7, 2008
added a review of * Bicycling

Good info, lot of stories that are good, some humor overall a good mag.
MtnBker26   on Sep 23, 2008
added a review of Trek Incite 6i

Large, easy to read Display, Built tough no problems with it.

Gives great info on the trails from the terrain to if the trail is well marked. It gives you good...
MtnBker26   on Sep 22, 2008
added a review of Standing Rocks

It was a well marked trail. Lots of technical areas with roots and rocks that will clench your desire to...
MtnBker26   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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