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I am addicted to mountain biking.
Hey rajflyboy! I guess I'm one of those environmental nuts. I love love love the environment. I'll hug the trees, the wolves, the bears, everything native to the area except mosquitos and deer flies. Hell, even sasquatches if they existed. Antifa, I guess not as I had to look it up. But I am antifascist…
mtbxcski   on Feb 2, 2018
commented on Why I Quit Mountain Biking
I am 70, have aortic stenosis, spondylolesthesis, osteoporosis, cold induced asthma, have had meniscus surgery, concussions, separated shoulder, cracked ribs, broken rib, a partially collapsed lung, cracked knee cap, and on and on. Every year I go over the handlebars & get dirt & rocks pounded into my helmet slits at least twice. I'm always…
I am a 69 yr old loooong time mountain biker. I am ADDICTED to mtbing & have 4 mountain bikes, 3 of which cost me more than my 2011 Nissan Pathfinder. I retired early so I could spend more time riding in the woods...because I am ADDICTED to mtbing. I ride every trail I can…
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