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Charlotte // North Carolina

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c0nspire   on May 20, 2018
added a review of Twelve Mile Creek

Fun and mostly flowy, with a few fast downhill sections and a couple short but steep climbs. Nothing terribly technical...
c0nspire   on Jul 24, 2016
added a review of Colonel Francis Beatty Park

This was A LOT of fun! Did everything but the black diamond today (first time there). Some very smooth sections...
c0nspire   on May 7, 2016
added a review of Lake James State Park

This place is a blast! As others have said, the Wimba loops are a smooth, flowing, roller coaster! The West...
c0nspire   on Apr 24, 2016
added a review of Overmountain Victory Trail

Arrived late and was only able to ride up Shiners Loop and back but had an absolute blast! Not very...
c0nspire   on Apr 24, 2016
updated Overmountain Victory Trail
to Dry.
c0nspire   on Apr 24, 2016
created a My Trails
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