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smackenzie   on Mar 11, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
Toyota 4-Runner 4x4 or Volvo XC AWD wagon / Subaru Outback are not bad options.  I had a 4-Runner for several years, and hauled friends and bikes all through the White Mountains....
smackenzie   on Mar 11, 2017
replied to Full face helmets?
I use a Demon Podium CE certified helmet.  It is heavy at 2 lbs, but runs about $89 and very comfortable.  Took me a few rides to get use to the weight,...
Excellent review and echo the usefulness and durability. I have been wearing a Fenix 3 HR for the last 6 months with no major issues, other than some synching problems at month 3, which I solved with a hard restart and app update. I have used all the activity functions, other than skiing, golf, rowing,…
smackenzie   on Nov 8, 2015
added a review of Water Dog Lake Park

Great combination of ups and downs, with some steep technical climbs (roots, rocks, ruts, etc. interrupt the momentum). Descents are...
smackenzie   on Sep 12, 2015
created a My Trails
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