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Wilmington // North Carolina

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Capndave   on Apr 13, 2013
added a photo
Start 'em young
Capndave   on Aug 25, 2012
added a photo
Top of Pearl Pass, Fat Tire Bike Week 1985
Capndave   on Mar 14, 2012
added Shimano PD-M780
SPD clipless race pedal Mud shedding design Increased contact area Efficient power transfer SM-SH51/56 cleats compatible
Casing: 420/D1 for 15% improved cut resistance Bead: Foldable Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready Compound: 60a for 26" x 2.0 Center Compound:...
Capndave   on Mar 12, 2012
added a map of Brunswick Nature Park
Capndave   on Jan 19, 2012
added a photo of Cedar Rock Trail #16
Capndave   on Jan 3, 2012
checked in at Brunswick Nature Park
Capndave   on Oct 7, 2011
added 3 photos.
Awesome View
Capndave   on Sep 22, 2011
added a map of Middle Fork
Capndave   on Sep 22, 2011
added Middle Fork
This trail is about 8.8 miles of fire road and 2.6 miles of singletrack. There are 2 gated roads from...
Capndave   on Aug 30, 2011
added 2 photos.
Behind Bridal Veil Falls
Capndave   on Jun 20, 2011
checked in at Brevard-area Pisgah National Forest
Capndave   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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