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Westminster // Colorado

THRASHER   on Feb 8, 2018
commented on Watch: "The Release"
4sure! I call it 2 wheel therapy.
Sorry to hear about this but if they were riding in an area that's clearly marked as off limits for mountain biking then I don't think they were right to run away from the officer. I would imagine there are plenty of legal places to ride around that area?? But, I would have to agree…
Wow is right. That dog hauls and look at the definition on those muscles!
WOW! Way to take riding to another level! So creative & Fresh!
Thanks for the update tpak! That guy doesn't look very menacing in that picture. I sure hope they find closure on this case!
Yeah, I first saw this on mtbr forums. Such a sad story and so strange. It appears at this point there probably won't be any closure. I used to ride that area and it gives me the chills thinking about it! My condolences to his family and friends.
Get it Fabio! Yeah, get it! Cool song also!
I've donated blood @ Walker before also.
Gotta Love Walker! And The Fix! That's where I bought my DH rig. Werd
Sweetness! Nice flow & lines. Gotta love Valmont
Yeah man, sick video and riding! I love me some longhorn! I didn't see you guys hit the nice little drop towards the bottom? Keep it tight on those sick rigs!
Man, that was SICK! Check out one of my more sane skinnies.
Man that was great! And one of my favorite old rock songs to boot!
THRASHER   on Nov 20, 2015
added a comment on Video: Over the Hill and Through the Woods
Wow. nice shred dudes! Impressive riding 4 sure. I'm 43 and about to turn 44 and ride downhill harder than...
THRASHER   on Jul 2, 2015
added a comment on Video: Riding in Skinny Paradise
Wow! Nice skills. Even rocking the Pink Helmet :-)
THRASHER   on Nov 27, 2013
added a comment on Video: "Dakota Ridge (Denver) on the Niner RIP 9 RDO"
Great riding! That 29'er is serious business on that trail! That's some rough terrain for sure. I like the hogback...
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