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NotAtWork   on Aug 10, 2015
added a review of Versailles State Park

Easily the best trail system in the Cincinnati area. You can ride all day here, it just flows and connects...
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NotAtWork   on Aug 10, 2015
added a review of Devou Park

This is probably the most fun you could have on a mountain bike. From the parking lot on the Incinerator...
NotAtWork   on Mar 5, 2015
added a review of Deerfeild/ Landen Park

Short trail with some obstacles. You can complete a lap in under 20 minutes. I rate this trail as intermediate...
NotAtWork   on Jan 10, 2015
added a review of Scott Scale 960

Affordable, good components, decent fork, semi-light weight
NotAtWork   on Dec 28, 2014
added 2 photos.
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NotAtWork   on Dec 11, 2014
added a review of TEAM Cycling and Fitness

Best sales and service in the Cincinnati area
NotAtWork   on Oct 23, 2014
created a My Trails
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