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Santa Fe // New Mexico

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marcusrandolph   on Sep 14, 2018
replied to Rack Adaptor
I’ve been using a rack adapter with dropper post bikes for 3 years.  Lots of bikes, lots of miles, and no problems.
marcusrandolph   on May 31, 2018
replied to Is the old fart in shape?
I see the results of the local races.  Amazingly, the average times in the 60+ group are about the same as the overall average.  You’re doing great, but very high levels of...
marcusrandolph   on Jan 22, 2017
answered a question about
All snowed in. Only riding is below Santa Fe (la Tierra and Galesteo Basin). Both are pretty easy
marcusrandolph   on Jul 17, 2014
created a My Trails
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