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tboke   on Sep 5, 2015
added a photo of Thatcher State Park
tboke   on Sep 5, 2015
added a review of Thatcher State Park

Some awesome sections. A little disjointed at times with several short loops. Worth a trip just for the view.
tboke   on Aug 17, 2014
added 2 photos.
tboke   on Aug 14, 2014
added a review of Big River

I got so lost it was crazy. Super nice trails but no signs, maps, or other riders to be seen....
tboke   on Aug 12, 2014
added a review of Arcadia State Park

Staying in Newport and worth a visit. Nice trail but no big climbs. Lots of roots, occasional sand, a brief...
tboke   on Jun 19, 2014
added a review of Carvin's Cove Trail system

Awesome place. Very well maintained. Four gulches to enchanted forest to songbird to schoolhouse back to comet than home on...
tboke   on Jun 18, 2014
created a My Trails
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