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Bart Viaene   on Dec 23, 2015
added a comment on 5 Reasons Fat Biking Can Make You a Better Rider
Fat bikes are relatively heavy but absolutely fun !
Bart Viaene   on Oct 15, 2014
added a comment on Fat Bike Buyer's Guide: High-End Models
I recently ordered my SANDMAN Thar Ti fatbike with a Pinion gearbox and belt drive. It should arrive in six...
Bart Viaene   on Jul 15, 2014
added a comment on How To: Basic Bike Maintenance for Beginners
Stans boogers ?? I thought these were commonly known as "stanimals" ;-)
Bart Viaene   on Jun 10, 2014
added Sandman Hoggar
Titanium XL fatbike with upside-down Flame front wheel suspension, Vee Rubber tubeless tires, a Joplin saddle dropper, and I ordered...
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