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Love to ride my Trek Farley 7 and my Flash. Love to ride in the woods. Also love road bikes. Just love to ride!

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fishboy316   on Apr 11, 2019
replied to What does your bike weigh?
Farley7 29.3 w/27.5 jacks on. Cannondale Flash al1 lefty-23.8.
Fatter is funner! Check out the Fat bike trader FB page. Also fat bike classified. You will find something.
fishboy316   on Feb 8, 2018
added a review of Bike doctor Annapolis

The shop is under new MGT. Very service oriented.
fishboy316   on Feb 8, 2018
added Bike doctor Annapolis
Bike doctor Annapolis
fishboy316   on Feb 8, 2018
added Bacon Ridge
Double loop. Nice fast flow. Night ride once a week. Usually wed.

I love to ride this trail! Mostly flow. It is now about 8 miles and getting permits for 8-10 new...
rmap01: I don't know why I put ex!  Was thinking bucksaw not beargrease. Still would recommend trying the Farley HT also. If I had to sell all but 1 bike I would keep the...
fishboy316   on Feb 8, 2018
replied to new tires
When my robs died I went Bontrager XR3 and never looked back. They roll well and have great traction.
I am 60 and am enjoying the ride. I am not grown up for sure! What I have seen is now I ride a bit smarter than I used to. I ride...
Check the hanger. I have gotten them new and bent out of the bag. don't know if I would change the derailleur yet. check the hanger then the adjustments in the rear....
fishboy316   on Dec 27, 2017
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
Cannondale AL1 lefty. Tried to kill me but made me a good rider pretty quick! Was either get good or die trying.
fishboy316   on Dec 24, 2017
replied to Night riding lights
I like my Bontrager Ion 800 or 700. I put 1 on the bars and 1 on my helmet.
Nothing stops me, I have a Farley! Love it!
$3000-$5000 for me. I currently run a Farley 7 and love it. Am toying with getting a Farley EX8 as I am not getting younger. I also work at a shop p/t so...
Check out the fat bike trader fb page. or pinkbike. Some good deals to be had there.  
Yes, I usually try to get a model year or 2 old bike and will haggle on them. All my bikes were last years model. Got Great deals on them. Now I...
fishboy316   on Jan 12, 2017
replied to Fat biking year round???
Update: Put a new Bluto and a set of 27.5 Jackalopes with 3.8 Hodags on the 7 and the bike hauls butt! I think the Bluto is going to make the 7...
fishboy316   on Dec 21, 2016
replied to Fat biking year round???
I have a Trek 2017 Farley 7. It weighs in about 28 lbs. I ride it all the time. It is the most fun I have had on 2 wheels in my...
fishboy316   on Nov 18, 2016
updated Rosaryville State Park conditions to Good
fishboy316   on Oct 21, 2016
replied to Nates in snow - should I stud them?
Really only needed for ice. I love riding in the snow. Especially while it is still falling! Enjoy the FAT!
fishboy316   on Oct 13, 2016
replied to 29 or 27.5 inch tires?
How much does 29er impair on the jumps and burms? I don't think it impairs at all with 29er wheels. I just pick my line and have at it.  You need to go...
fishboy316   on Sep 21, 2016
replied to Need your help!
What Alvin said! I love my treks. They are great bikes. I get the same stuff from my daughter with her specsh. All in what you like and I like my trek.  ...
fishboy316   on Aug 22, 2016
replied to Need your help!
You get what you pay for! (Most of the time) The trek is the stuff! Do try the remedy. It is BA!  
fishboy316   on Aug 3, 2016
replied to Shimano Vs. SRAM Drivetrain?
I prefer Sram. All my bikes are Sram. I run a 1x10 on my fat bike and have a n/w chainring. I have not had a problem with it in 6 months of riding. The Sram  feels more snappy to me also. That being said I would not base my decision on the d/t that…

This is a relatively new trail system. It is only about3 miles long at this time. It is flowing and...
fishboy316   on Jul 7, 2016
replied to Help needed with getting started!
It depends on the outcome of the crash. I have broken 3 ribs, 1 vertebrae, compressed 1 vertebrae, broken tailbone in 2 places, torn ligament's  and tendons in both hands and sprained a shoulder and  none of that was fun. They were painful at best! There have been a few funny crashes I have had…
fishboy316   on Jul 6, 2016
replied to Hard-Tails or Full Suspension?
All my bikes are H/T and I am 59. I love the quickness, liveliness and the climbing ability of the H/T. I recently rode a Salsa bucksaw fs fatty and did not like the fs at all.(I do love fatties though)  Could I get used to it, more than likely but until that is the…
fishboy316   on Jul 6, 2016
replied to Help needed with getting started!
Hi Gregory and welcome.  Crankbrothers is good stuff. Go with  Baggy shorts with under liner or you can get the chamois built in.  I prefer the under liner with baggy shorts for mtb. I also ride road and prefer the tight shorts with built in for that. Jersey is up to you. I like mine to…
fishboy316   on Jun 23, 2016
replied to newbie from austin
What bike do you have? Are you riding the dirt or just the road?  
fishboy316   on Jun 22, 2016
replied to Confidence booster
Fat for sure! Or a plus is also great for the confidence. I do stuff on my fatty I would not even have thought of doing on the flash. I have become a better rider on the skinny bike also.  
fishboy316   on Jun 22, 2016
replied to newbie from austin
What's up? What do you ride in Texas?
fishboy316   on Jun 22, 2016
replied to 29 or 27.5 inch tires?
I am 6' 1" I ride a C-dale flash 29er lefty and it is FAST! It is also sure footed in the corners. I tried a 27.5 and felt crunched up and had pedal strikes. Also as said above felt like I worked a lot harder to climb on 27.5. It was a little more controllable than the…
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