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Race to finish, always I'm fat, old, and still slow. Former Laramie Enduro & Stone Temple 8 race organizer; kids MTB camp organizer & director (since 2011); local HS MTB coach & team manager (since 2010); Colorado HS Cycling League Rule Committee member & Race Crew member
While this is good reminder and the posting a good way to involve a younger sector of the MTB population, this is not a new phenomenon or conduct. The groups I ride with have always done this. So I find it funny that now there's a word for it...wish I could tour the world on…
Madpirate   on Feb 9, 2017
added a photo of 2017 Laramie Enduro Epic
Madpirate   on Jan 24, 2017
spec'd a bike: Yeti SB95
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