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I bike for adventure with friends. My current passion is designing and crafting trail. Forest Trails Alliance FB
zachi anderson   on Jan 3, 2017
started a topic: CRAFTING TRAIL IN THE 21st Century
I live in California and have been building trails for 25 years.  Finally got serious around 10 years ago and started Forest Trails Alliance.  A non profit community based trail building organization...
Hi, You may want to hook up with Forest Trails Alliance in Northern California.  Mountain bike, building trails, adventure, spike camps in the coastal mountains.... live again.  Volunteer positions with benefits, Apprenticeship youth...
zachi anderson   on Jan 3, 2017
replied to CRAFTING TRAIL IN THE 21st Century
The picture above reflects the awesome potential when you craft trails from a community perspective.  Pride, great experiences, friendships, contributions, adventure and so much more. Feel free to apply for apprenticeship or...
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