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I'm 59 and ride with teenagers. I love to introduce new riders to this great sport.
Nope. I live by my adage of "ride strong, live long". Get outside the virus does not like sunlight. Oh, and don't lick other peoples bikes!
Great advice for all riders. One of my favorite local trails is Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill, SC. They recently completed a very big project building new machine cut trails with many small jumps and berms along with new bridges. Once the trails were complete they noticed several places that were wet most…
scbiker   on Mar 25, 2019
added a review of Sycamore Cycles

5 3 3=11 / 3 =3.6 stars. Not so good.

These guys are great! Ang is the manager and seems to know every customer. The mechanics really know their stuff...
scbiker   on Feb 17, 2019
added EX 9
2012 Trek EX 9, XFusion Velvet RL fork, Fox shock, DT Swiss X430 wheelset, Continental Mt. King tires, XT crankset,...
scbiker   on Feb 6, 2019
replied to Favorite winter trails in the southeast?
Check out Rocky Creek east of Charlotte and Ann Springs close Greenway on Hwy 160 in Fort Mill, SC fore a great flowing trail system.
scbiker   on Sep 10, 2018
asked a question about Sand Hills Forest Preserve
Does this trail even still exist?
scbiker   on May 23, 2018
added a review of Rocky River Trail

Go to for better direction. It is worth the little extra trouble to find these trails. Lots of fun....
scbiker   on Dec 25, 2017
commented on a photo of Back Yard Trails
This can catch you off guard but it is ride-able.
scbiker   on Dec 25, 2017
commented on a photo of Back Yard Trails
Poop tracks lace back and forth, One big challenge where a tree is taking over the traks.
scbiker   on May 21, 2016
added a review of Anne Springs Close Greenway

This is my local trail, I have family pass for my boys and me. That said, sure there are more...
scbiker   on Jan 2, 2016
asked a question about 3 Hours on the Ridge
Maybe I'm just missing it, but how and where is event info such as entry forms and fees, classes and...
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