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gerdyman   on Oct 2, 2016
updated Thatcher State Park conditions to Good
gerdyman   on Apr 25, 2016
added Six Mile Waterworks
This is a trail I am surprised has not been already mentioned on Singletracks. It is a park that is...
gerdyman   on Aug 19, 2014
added a photo of Thatcher Park-North
gerdyman   on Jul 19, 2014
updated Cupsaw Lake Trails
to Dry.
gerdyman   on Jan 1, 2014
added Cupsaw Lake Trails
These trails are very nice and there are some that go to New York. My cousins and I are building...
gerdyman   on Aug 15, 2013
updated Thatcher State Park
to Dry.
gerdyman   on Aug 15, 2013
added a review of Thatcher State Park

Place has tons of trails that everybody can do. Be sure to check out the state park near.
gerdyman   on Jul 21, 2013
updated Thatcher State Park
to Open.
gerdyman   on Jul 21, 2013
created a My Trails
gerdyman   on Jan 1, 2013
added Thatcher State Park
Great place for mountain bikers. Network of trails and double track. Plenty of single track. Used for hikers too. Picnic...
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