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markader   on May 7, 2019
replied to e-bikes
How much of a "starter / budget" e-bike is your friend buying?  Many of those cheapo e-bikes should never been ridden on actual trails.
markader   on Apr 16, 2019
replied to Dupont considering entry fees
Seems unreasonable that out of state residents couldn't buy a season pass also.  I understand if it's at a higher non-resident rate.  But I live in South Carolina, just as close to...
markader   on Feb 7, 2018
replied to help with terminology and maintenance
Focus on really learning how to keep the bike clean, properly lubricated, and how to do a proper safety check before you think about tackling any other maintenance issues.  Keeping the bike...
markader   on Jan 23, 2018
replied to Brevard in April
Stick to Dupont or Bent Creek or your wife may never want to go ride again.  Plenty of great trails in both locations and none are too remote or far from bail...
markader   on Jan 22, 2016
replied to Looking to get a new all mountain bike
I've heard the Remedy 29ers are on high demand and back ordered till spring.  I have the 650b version and it rips, so I would imagine the 29 version is a tank.
markader   on Mar 5, 2015
added a comment on The Perfect Colorado Whirlwind Road Trip
Thanks for the input. Been to Colorado several times in the winter, but never been in the summer. The wedding...
markader   on Mar 5, 2015
added a comment on The Perfect Colorado Whirlwind Road Trip
My sister is getting married in Arches National Park at the end of Sept. Planning to take a week around...
markader   on Jan 14, 2015
added a review of Angler's Ridge

Doesn't come close to living up to the hype. After reading the overwhelmingly positive reviews on the Anglers Ridge Trail...
markader   on Sep 15, 2014
added a review of Dragon's Back

WOW! Did the trail last weekend and would firmly place this trail in the full day adventure category. Started at...
markader   on Sep 15, 2014
created a My Trails
They should have thrown a neck and crotch strap in for good measure.
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