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Colorado Springs // Colorado

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targhee72   on Feb 19, 2014
commented on a photo of Timeline
targhee72   on Sep 16, 2013
added a review of Porcupine Rim

got rained out of burrow pass on the 14th,,,,still an awesome ride,,,,need a tee shirt that says "I rode thru...
targhee72   on Jun 11, 2013
added a review of Jones Downhill

great review.....if you peddle this loop FROM the bottom of the chutes.... YOU ARE A MTB GOD!!!! that would be...
targhee72   on May 28, 2013
added a review of Bicycle experience

Awesome shop on the south side of the springs, past owner John past on the torch to the very capable...
targhee72   on May 28, 2013
added Bicycle experience
Bicycle experience
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