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succre   on Oct 2, 2018
updated Walnut Creek Trails conditions to Poor
succre   on May 28, 2016
added a review of Chicot State Park

Started at south landing which is the first trailhead after entering park. The first 4 miles were very tough...after that...
succre   on Sep 5, 2015
added a review of Lincoln Parish Park

Very nice trail. Beautiful scenery. Saw deer and squirrals.

Lots of roots. After the second mile on trail C, there were some overgrown areas but they weren't horrible. A...

Fun trail, lots of uphill.
succre   on Jul 11, 2015
updated Oak Mountain State Park Bump Trail
to Tacky.
succre   on May 2, 2015
updated Wild Azalea Trail
to Dry.
succre   on May 2, 2015
created a My Trails
succre   on May 2, 2015
added a review of Wild Azalea Trail

Had a great time. It really is beautiful out here. The trail is easily marked with yellow diamonds. Can't wait...
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