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Loving it, looking forward to meeting other riders on the trail......

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This is a great local trail. We (wife & I) had great time on the trails. The routes are kept...
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Jul 11, 2017
added a photo of Hopper Hill
Wife had a great time on the out trail.
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Feb 3, 2015
added 2 photos.
My bike
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Jun 9, 2014
added 2 photos.
Goat Trails in Palm Spring,CA.
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Dec 19, 2013
added a photo of West End Bicycles
West End in Houston, Tx
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Dec 19, 2013
added a photo of Nashbar SS 29er
My bike

So far so good with workmanship & parts in stock

1. Brazos Bend by Houstonz, Saturday, October 05, 2013 11:30 am Overall Review: 4 of 5 Technical Difficulty: 3 of 5 Aerobic Difficulty: 4 of 5 Brazos Bend Yes...
Technical Rating: 1-2 Constructed through a partnership with the Boy Scouts, GHORBA, and the City of Sugar Land Parks Department,...
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Aug 4, 2013
updated Lake Bryan
to Dusty.
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Aug 4, 2013
added a review of Lake Bryan

I did the west side for the first time today. Lots of makers and flags and did get turned around.Yes,...
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Aug 2, 2013
added a review of Blora

7/12/13 I do agree with the last two reviews. My brother and I hit the trails about 8:00 am. The...
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Aug 2, 2013
updated Blora
to Tacky.

8:00 AM / Temp 85 / First time on this trail. Had a couple of muddy spots but you can...

1:00 pm / 95 F/ I have been here before. I think this trail is also called MNNKO 3. I...

Had a great time this am. My wife even loved this trail. My son & grandson had a great ride,...
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on May 27, 2013
added Charge Cooker SS
2013 Charge Cooker SS Mountain Bike Utter simplicity. Take a look at the bikes in your garage and you'll most assuredly...
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Jan 20, 2013
created a My Trails
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Jan 18, 2013
added 4 photos.
houstonz3@yahoo.com   on Dec 2, 2012
updated The Goat Trails
to Open.
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