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Gdb49   on Mar 26, 2019
added a review of High Desert Trail System

Don't know if I'd drive 8 hrs to ride these trails, but had a great time. If you're in Gallup...
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Gdb49   on Mar 26, 2019
added a review of Barr Trail / Pikes Peak

Long and strenuous, do it once if you live in the area.
Gdb49   on Mar 26, 2019
added a review of Baby Bell Trail

Short trail in the middle of a great network, very beautiful.
Gdb49   on Mar 26, 2019
added a review of Arizona Cypress

Part of a great network, otherwise nothing special.
Gdb49   on Mar 26, 2019
added a review of Anaconda

Part of a great network, fun and beautiful.
Gdb49   on Mar 26, 2019
added a review of Aerie

Amazing trail, scenery to match.

One more great place to ride in Fruita. Shuttle is a good idea here.
Gdb49   on Mar 25, 2019
added a review of Girdner Trail

As of March 2019, this trails been completely recut and is an excellent trail. Don't let earlier reviews scare you...
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Gdb49   on Mar 25, 2019
added a review of Slim Shady

Stupid Fun!
Gdb49   on Mar 25, 2019
replied to Looking for Beginner Trails in Denver
If it's muddy in Denver, head to Pueblo.  Almost always dry and great riding!
Gdb49   on Mar 23, 2019
replied to Best trails to hit in Colorado
Crested Butte is God's gift to mountain bikers, but there is no way it will be rideable in May.  Durango is hit and miss and a high risk if you're driving from...
Gdb49   on Mar 16, 2019
started a topic: Chris King Bottom Bracket
I have Scram XO 1x11 and it seems like Chris King bottom brackets require an adapter kit for Scram products.  Is this correct?  Is there a disadvantage to needing an adapter kit?...
Gdb49   on Mar 16, 2019
commented on Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit Review
How about a great full length video of how to use all of them?
Gdb49   on Feb 23, 2019
replied to Stumpjumper evo 2019 vs trek remedy n slash
Love and have ridden all 3 bikes.  Stumpy and Remedy are pretty comparable, the Slash would be comparable to the Specialized Enduro.  Remedy would be my pick for the most versitile bike...
Gdb49   on Feb 16, 2019
replied to 27.5+ wheelset upgrade
I9, love them.
Gdb49   on Jan 31, 2019
commented on Watch: Rough AF 3 with Jordie Lunn
No "F'n" way! Scared just watching!
Gdb49   on Jan 31, 2019
replied to GT Verb Sport
Contact points are always first!  Grips are cheap and help.  Pedals and shoes are mid priced and make a big difference.  Dropper post will add to your enjoyment the most, but is...
Feel your pain, a few weeks back I had most of my ribs broken during CPR and have just returned to the bike.  Lifting my wheel over obstacles or hiting bumps at...
Gdb49   on Jan 28, 2019
replied to Need help choosing a beginner mountain bike!
In that price range a new FS would be a mistake.  You will need to upgrade it as soon as you start riding trails and it won't be worth upgrading.  Go used...
Gdb49   on Jan 19, 2019
commented on The Updated Canyon Strive (Video)
Another vid with more BS than riding.
Gdb49   on Jan 8, 2019
replied to Colorado Springs - January
Colorado Springs is in great condition for riding right now, but if any storms roll in, Oil Well Flats and Pueblo Res will be open.  Don't leave out Ute Valley Park for...
Another great article John. Canon City has some of the best riding in the Front Range. Each spot is very different from the others and the trail quality is way above average. The trail builders have done an amazing job and deserve a lot of credit. There is enough riding to make it a true…
Gdb49   on Nov 3, 2018
added a review of Captain Morgan

Steep! Very Steep! Fun, smiled the entire time. Trail won't last.
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Gdb49   on Nov 3, 2018
added a review of Sesame Canyon

Fun, pretty technical.
Gdb49   on Sep 15, 2018
replied to Fat bike or new trail bike?
I have both and enjoy them, but would not buy a Fat Bike over having my first bike being exactly what I want.  Your "go to" bike should be way more important...
Jeff, please take this as a fun poke, because typically I enjoy your articles. But that was a lot of words to say absolutely nothing, seemed like you were obligated to post it.
Wow! John, only you could write this article. Your wealth of knowledge is off the charts, I don't think Singletracks would be the same without you. The article made me daydream about the trip, the sign of a great writer. Made me laugh a little- yes at you, cause this was the on taking of…
Wow, just false reporting?  Not Dbagery?  Where was this?  Thanks to the rider for both serving our country and handling this so well.
Gdb49   on Aug 13, 2018
replied to Advice for New Crank
Crank arms will effect your comfort- typically knee pain if wrong, and your power.  The crank length needs to match your legs.  Pedal banging happens to the best of us, but its...
What trail is it?  Where?
Gdb49   on Jul 22, 2018
added a review of White Ranch

You hear about hills that are so brutal and then you get out there and it's no where near as...
Gdb49   on Jun 7, 2018
replied to Helmets and Body Armor - What do you use?
DH- both full face helmet and body armor.  Trails just a regular helmet.  If riding with more protection adds to the enjoyment of your riding do it!
How do you work for Singletracks and not know there is good riding in "The South"???? I live in Colorado and would love to ride so many areas down there. Maybe you should spend some time reading your own website?
Funny, when I finished the article was wondering what the comments would be like. Very difficult to read, like listening to someone who likes to hear their own voice- words for the sake of words. Terrible article, poorly written and was a little embarrassed for the author while reading it. Not from the south, so…
Sorry Dieter, didn't see your question until now.  If I were riding Breck, I'd bring my trail bike not my DH bike.  The area is awesome, just focuses on trail more than...
Gdb49   on May 13, 2018
replied to Cheap Full Suspension Bikes?
Size is more important than components!  Why only 2 months?
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Gdb49   on May 13, 2018
replied to What bike rack do you use?
Yakima 2" hitch rack.  Works great, very secure for highway driving, easy to load and unload, and great customer service.  Holds 4 bikes rock solid, the new version takes Fat Bikes.
Gdb49   on May 12, 2018
replied to Full Suspension Trail/Enduro Bikes
Great list, really can't go wrong.  Ridden 3 of them and all were great.  Think that if I could only own one bike it would be the Remedy, simply is the best...
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