Watch: Riding (and living) the MTB dream in Pisgah and DuPont

We’ve been a little bit of everywhere filming Trail TV. But damn you, Pisgah (and DuPont), you’ve stolen my heart. And tore my legs to hell and back.

Who cares when you’re bombing down some killer singletrack smiling a toothy grin as a result, right? 10-4, good buddy. Whatever the magic is, they’re pulling a rabbit out of a hat on a daily basis in Asheville and its little (better looking) cousin just down the road.

In two weeks, we hardly scratched the surface of the awesome riding/beer culture there. Nor did we get close to hitting every brewery serving up the secret sauce. We came away saying “this place is the whole enchilada” because of the vibe (with apologies to Moab).

Time to watch just a little… and get ready to pack your bags. You’ve got a plane to catch.

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