Video: Bell Built Grant: Yellow River Bike Park, Atlanta, Georgia

Voting is now live for the Eastern portion of the Bell Built Grant! Vote now through May 18.

Videos have been posted for each of the proposed projects. Here’s the video for Yellow River Bike Park, Atlanta, Georgia:

Yellow River Park and its trails, features, and facilities has the potential to create an impact in Atlanta and showcase what mountain biking should be. Currently, the park offers a ‘mixed bag’ experience with many miles of wonderful singletrack intertwined with poorly designed and maintained trails offering a low quality riding experience. Improvements to the facility’s trail design and navigation, along with the addition of a skills area and/or pump track could make this a marquee metropolitan destination and potentially open the world of mountain biking to many thousands of local citizens.

For 4 reasons why you should vote for Yellow River right now, even if you don’t live in Georgia, check out Jeff’s opinion piece here.