Video: Bell Built Grant: Richmond Regional Ride Center, Virginia

Voting is now live for the Eastern portion of the Bell Built Grant! Vote now through May 18.

Videos have been posted for each of the proposed projects. Here’s the video for Richmond Regional Ride Center, Virginia:

This project will seek to rehabilitate 15 miles of existing mountain bike trail and construct an additional 20 miles of trail. The goal is to incorporate approximately 15 miles of stacked-loop singletrack, and an additional 5 miles of flow trail which will focus on a progression of difficulty. The project will also focus on improving the existing trails on-site in order to diversify the trails and improve the overall depth of experience within the system. In addition to these singletrack trails, the project seeks to develop a new gateway trail with two loops suitable for novices, children, handcycles, and bicycles pulling child-trailers.

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