BOLT Reintroduced to Congress, New Advocacy Groups and an Oklahoma Jump Trail

BOLT is back in Congress, Colorado Springs gets a second advocacy group, and trail news from Michigan and Oklahoma.

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New advocacy group forms in Colorado Springs, giving the town two

A new MTB advocacy group has formed in Colorado Springs, Colorado called the Colorado Springs Mountain Bike Association (COSMBA). The group will share space with longstanding Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates. COSMBA says it differs from other groups and that the mountain bike community “needs to take our involvement to the next level,” believing Colorado Springs has the potential to be a world class trail destination. The group is unaffiliated with IMBA and has been focusing efforts to bring a bike-only trail to the Austin Bluffs Open Space.

File photo / Aaron Couch

Biking on Long-Distance Trails Act reintroduced to Congress with America’s Outdoor Recreation Act

The Biking on Long-Distance Trails Act is back in Congress, trying to go the full distance this time. The bill supports the creation of long-distance bike trails and identifies at least 10 long-distance trails and 10 opportunities to develop or complete long-distance trails. In the last session, the BOLT Act passed the House and moved through Senate committees. IMBA said in a release they will keep working with lawmakers to develop the package this year.

Pine Mountain Resort renovations closer to reality in Michigan

A $25 million renovation plan at the Pine Mountain Resort, located in Michigan on the Wisconsin state line, has been approved. It would add 35 cabins for guests, new mountain bike trails and other opportunities. New ownership took over the resort last fall.

Photo: USI

University of Southern Indiana moves to second phase of trails

Grants and matching grants appear to be in place for a second phase of trails for the University of Southern Indiana (USI) campus. The project is moving quickly, as we wrote last month that USI was only reviewing a potential second phase. The project will add three miles of trail, a trailhead kiosk, and signage. It will be a beginner-level trail.

New trail opens at Turkey Mountain, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma has a brand new downhill flow trail open for riding. The Boomtown trail is a half mile long, with 200 feet of drop, aimed at intermediate and expert riders.

Silverton Singletrack Society attains $250k grant

The Silverton Singletrack Society in Silverton, Colorado was awarded a Non-Motorized Trails Grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, according to the Durango Herald. The organization will start on phase one of a new trail system, with an estimated total cost of $900,000. The project will include close to 30 miles of trail and cost an estimated $2.6 million.

Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association receives $99,000 trail grant

The Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association recently received a $99,000 grant from the Outdoor Recreation Division of the New Mexcio Economic Development Department. The funds will be used to improve existing trails located on US Forest Service managed land along the east side of the Sandia Crest.

Northern Indiana MTB group leaves IMBA Chapter program

On Tuesday the Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Assocation (NIMBA) announced it’s striking out on its own as a non-profit. The group posted on Facebook, “As the Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association, our priority is to impact our community of passionate mountain bikers and trail users here in Michiana. With that in mind, and with the input of our community, we felt that moving off of IMBA’s Chapter program was in our best interest.”


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