X-Fusion Forks and Shocks


Walking around at Interbike you get to see a ton a great stuff up close. Yesterday I chatted with John Valera from X-Fusion about a few of their newest products. X-Fusion has already been around for a few years and has a pretty full line-up for 2010. The Velvet RC is an XC fork with 32mm stanchions and your choice of models with 80, 100, or 130mm of travel. X-Fusion’s all-Mountain fork, the Vengeance, has 36mm stanchions and 160mm of travel for the more adventurous rider.

X-Fusion also offers a wide and extensive range of rear shocks that will take care of just about anyone from XC to hardcore DH riders. All the shocks in the product line are of high quality and construction without any proprietary mounting hardware needed.


John introduced me to the Vengeance front shock and some of the technical features are perfect for those who want to do a bit more. This fork basically includes everything a Fox does at a lower cost of about $799.99 MSRP. The Vengeance sports independent high and low speed compression controls on the lower right stanchion of the fork and a rebound toggle on the top of the right leg. The air spring pressure is also adjusted at the top of the right leg and the best part is that this fork weighs just 4.9 lbs.

The Velvet weighs in at 3.25 lbs and boasts different travel options, an external lock out, and rebound control.

The Vector HLR rear shock really caught my eye. This piece kicks it with an optional Ti spring (element 22 on the periodic table 🙂 ), independant hi and low speed compression circuits, rebound adjustment, bottom out air pressure adjustments, and a bottom out volume control. Can you say NICE?

Check out the full product line and all the options at x-fusion-shox.com.